"The Violet Pearl"

Deep down in the blue midnight ocean lies a Violet Pearl that tells a romantic story of a distant past that no one knows. You see, there was once a beautiful mermaid named Sireena who lived in the cool coral caves of the Mediterranean Sea. She had many friends along the sea-weed jungles and sun-lit sandy ocean floors. She was well admired by all sea creatures, the marlin, the angelfish, the goldfish, the catfish, the jellyfish, and many more.

One day Bluemar, the Marlin Prince, swam by her from above and noticed her dancing as if waltzing in the crystal blue of the turquoise palace. Sireena was not aware that Bluemar was carefully watching her from above; he noticed that she would curtsey every now and then while dancing across the ocean floor. Falling in love with her breathtaking beauty and spontaneous ritual dance, he instinctively knew he had to give her the gift that he had been saving for quite some time without really knowing why. It was a Violet Pearl. A pearl he once found along the ocean floor of the very distant island of Oahu. Once he laid his silvery dark eyes on Sireena everything became clear and he suddenly realized that one thing of beauty deserved another and this is when Bluemar decided that Sireena was someone worthy of the Violet Pearl.

Meanwhile during one of the Sireena's curtseys, Bluemar suddenly decided to swim in front of her and offer her the Violet Pearl. Sireena was shocked and suddenly froze into the very curtsey pose she was in. Once she realized that she had an admirer, she did not know quite what to do. You see she had never known love before that very moment. But as all of her friends began to form the landscape of her ballroom gown, she realized that love had entered her life and her world at this very unsuspecting moment; a truly magical moment at that.

Bluemar stared at Sireena's beauty as her eyes glistened in the reflection of the Violet Pearl. She blushed as he whispered, "Take my gift of the Violet Pearl and swim with me across the countless ocean floors. Come with me and experience love in a fluid way that you never imagined possible." Sireena stood motionless for quite some time. As their eyes finally met, Sireena took the Violet Pearl and began to waltz away with Bluemar unsuspecting, that the Violet Pearl had slipped out of her grasp and fallen back onto the ocean floor baring witness to the very place they found love.

The Violet Pearl / La Perla Violeta














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Height x Width Dimensions/Medium
Value in USD
7" x 5" (17.8 cm x 12.7 cm) Original Acrylic on Canvas board - framed


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