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La Virgen del Miligramo / Milligram Virgin

$2,000.00 USD

Mixed Media, 9″ x 18″


Artwork Description

Artist inspiration:
This piece is based on true life observations witnessed by me in reference to the life of my mother, Caridad. I have seen first-hand what turning your life over to the pill can do to a human being. I speak here as if it were my mother standing outside of herself and looking back at some very life-altering choices she has made in her life:

Look at me. Taking and depending on medication is why I am here. Eventually I will fade but for now, I am still here and before you. Co-dependency has crept up on me when I least suspected it. The seductive and long-term effects of making the quick fix pill my god of choice have changed and altered my very existence and changed the very nature of who I once was, transforming me into a zombie-like creature that is sustained by the very drug that feeds and nurtures me. Sometimes the side effects can be more of a concern to me than the cause of my illness itself. After all, the drugs themselves do nothing more than mask or temporarily hide the pain of my own reality. I am not strong enough you see, and I need help. I need someone or something to help me cope since I do not have the tools to understand my own mind, its thought process, and its complexities. I place the remedy up high on a pedestal and submit to letting it control my entire life and existence. I no longer function on my own ability but rather by brain stimulation created by the pills themselves. The pills have become my will. I take pills to wake up, pills in the afternoon, pills at supper time, pills to sleep, and pills to wake up and start all over again. Round and round goes the merry go round and it won’t stop to let me off. Pills became both my friends and enemies somewhere along the way. I do not remember how I came to this point. It has become a vicious cycle for me. In essence it has become my God and the pills set forth the strings that manipulate me, the puppets, and its functions. Yet I stand here before you and I smile in the face of my tragedy and the thousands of milligrams that life has bestowed upon me.

Image shown is not professionally digitized, with no intention. Item is one of a kind.

Additional Information
Dimensions 18 × 9 in