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Las Aves / The Sparrows

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Artwork Description

Artist inspiration:
This painting represents a song my mother would sing at church. It is a song that promised that if God watched over the sparrows, he would surely watch over her. A song my mother would sing to console herself from the harsh reality that her family would never be what she wanted of a family; that things don’t always work out the way you planned, and that life can change on the turn of a dime. Her world falls apart (represented by the musical notes falling off the musical scale) and her family disappears (represented by the birds flying overhead and away into the unknown). In a melancholic way, she sings her song of hope without a trace of hope in her reality. The crown on her head represents one of the multiple personalities she would adopt when in crisis, in order to survive her real world by diving into a surreal world. In this personality, she was Queen Esther from the bible, a powerful woman who ruled a nation and led its people. I suppose that this personality was adopted to compensate for the feelings of powerlessness she was feeling. Many times, she would actually dress up like Cleopatra to personify and bring to life this personality. A lot of times, I had to dive into her world to bring her back to mine.

For Fine Art Limited Edition Giclée prints:
-Edition size: 100
-Each giclée is hand-signed and numbered by the artist and is accompanied by a signed and sealed Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring that only the highest quality materials have been used.
-The indicated price is for an unframed giclée, either rolled, or stretched and ready-to-frame.

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Acrylic on Canvas, Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas


24" x 20", 18" x 15", 12" x 10"