Suggested Fine Art Care

Original Artwork:

  • No artwork should be placed in direct sunlight or near direct sources of heat or air conditioning.
  • Climate controlled spaces are always best to avoid temperature extremes, but also to avoid excessive moisture which might condense behind the plexiglass and cause damage to the artwork.
  • Light dusting around the frame of the artwork with a clean, soft microfiber cloth to prevent dust buildup, never use any cleaning products or water on your artwork.

Giclée Fine Art Print:

  • No special care is required to maintain giclée prints. Giclées should be handled with the same care an artist would take in handling a pastel or watercolor original or any reproduction. They should be protected from water, moisture, abrasion, and direct sunlight. You can extend the life expectancy of a Giclée fine art print by not hanging it in sunlight or in rooms with excessive moisture.
  • Giclées printed on fine art papers do not have to be treated with special coatings but they should be framed and mounted behind glass for maximum protection. Giclées printed on canvas are treated with special coatings to protect them against dangerous UV light invisible to the human eye and to preserve the integrity of the print.
  • Care for your Giclée fine art print as you would any fine art reproduction and it will reward you with a lifetime of pleasure.