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Noche de Gala / Gala’s Night

$16,500.00 USD

Acrylic on Canvas, 72″ x 48″


Artwork Description

Artist Inspiration:
Noche de Gala is one of three pieces which form a triptych that tells the story of a rivalry between Gala and Lorca as they compete for Dali’s affection. I show Gala as an abstract figure because it is written that Dali used to bring men to have sex with Gala and satisfy her needs leading us to believe that perhaps he could not satisfy her. Meanwhile, Lorca was writing poetry that alluded to him and Dali having an affair. The piece was first exhibited at Casa Elizalde in Barcelona, Spain, in an exhibit titled “Post-Human. Adios al Hombre.”, September 7 – October 1, 2009.

-Image shown is not professionally digitized, with no intention. Item is one of a kind.

Additional Information
Dimensions 48 × 72 in