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Prince Beetlejuice

$550.00 USD

Acrylic on Canvas, 7″ x 5″

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Artwork Description

Artist inspiration:
This was a painting that was created as a gift for friends of mine who lost one of their beloved pets, a Pomeranian named Beetlejuice. This dog came to the world with a birth defect: he was hunched back in nature and could only look at you if he twisted his head sideways. I remember his eyebrows would twist up, the way you see here in the painting. I was informed he died of heart failure, which is common among these types of dogs. For this reason, I chose to give him the purple heart award. I dressed him up as a prince because he was treated as such, and because this was the way I saw his soul — a brave little prince. When I surprised my friends with this painting, which came along with a letter from Beetlejuice thanking them for all the love and care that they gave him, and was signed with a paw, they wept with much emotion. I presented the painting on a small easel and a candle to light before it, as a vigil to Beetlejuice’s passing. I also placed a rosary on the top corner.

-Image shown is not professionally digitized, with no intention. Item is one of a kind.

Additional Information
Dimensions 5 × 7 in