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The Awakening / El Despertad

$16,500.00 USD

Acrylic on Canvas, 72″ x 48″


Artwork Description

Artist Inspiration:
This specific piece was inspired by the gallerist Paqui Delgado and the fragility of Mother Earth. It is one of fifteen pieces created specifically for another iteration of the Dreams Symptoms exhibit in Spain, at Galeria Paqui Delgado and at the Sant Sadurni Cathedral in Sant Sadurni, Spain in October and November 2009. The fifteen pieces were showcased at the Cathedral during their Cava Festival and we included a huge installation inside the Cathedral honoring Mother Earth and the fruit it bears to create these cavas and wines.

-Framing: In the Dreams Series, where I am working mainly with nightmares as some surrealists did in the past, I have chosen to display these works on a symbolic dream catcher as a way to catch the negativity in dreams that come with all sorts of hidden messages, but only to help you digest what you would normally not be able to in the conscious mind, then trap and disempower them by getting them caught in the web. American Indians believed that at night, the air was filled with dreams both good and evil so the purpose of dream catchers was to protect the sleepers, especially the most innocent, the children, from bad dreams, nightmares and evil spirits. (Note: piece is sold without frame).

-Image shown is not professionally digitized, with no intention. Item is one of a kind.

Additional Information
Dimensions 48 × 72 in