Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, November 2006

by: Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

I would like to congratulate you for your wonderful exhibition “Modern Memories of Cuba.” Your work truly brings to life the traditional Cuban life-style and I am very proud of all your accomplishments as an artist.

You possess a wonderful talent that has allowed you the opportunity to participate in many exhibitions and events around the world, each time representing South Florida with the utmost professionalism and skill. The dedication you have shown to the arts, and your involvement in fund raising for charitable organizations through your generous art contributions is truly commendable. I thank you so very much for all that you have done.

Once again, allow me to congratulate you on your most recent exhibition, I am confident it was a splendid event. I encourage you to maintain your dedication to the arts and to our community; your hard work is fundamental to shaping the cultural heritage of South Florida for years to come. I wish you good luck and all the best in your future endeavors.

Selecta Magazine, September 2005

by: Gladys Rodriguez-Dod

BARCELONA … This month opens an interesting exhibition of artist George Rodez in the Pages Espai D’Art Gallery in this city. An exhibit with presenting a delicious burst of color, which transports us to that Cuba for which the artist feels so nostalgic, in which he explores and celebrates his roots. He states, “My style changed from being geometric, to one full of symbols and objects that makeup the customs and culture of my peopleā€. Like an imaginary trip to Havana of yesteryear, with its intensity and joy, sometimes reminiscent of Matisse, the young artist offers us his memories in images of great beauty. On the other hand, he explains, “early on all my paintings had what I call ‘a watchful eye’, representing the regime and control on the island. The two blues that I use in the background, for example, represent the days and nights that pass by without change, as Cuba has stood still for forty-five years. However, in my latest works I want to highlight the changes that have yet to occur. This is my hope … and my prediction!”

Born in the United States, he lived his first years in Cuba returning to the United States in 1960. Today Rodez is established in Miami, and very soon hopes to open his own gallery on Calle Ocho. His passion for art was born at an early age, evolving and allowing him to enjoy a very personal experience, which he enjoys to the fullest. He has exhibited in different cities on both sides of the Atlantic and in December takes part in the Florence Biennale, where he will present a different series, one in which he reflects his most intimate emotions.

El Nuevo Herald

by: Juan Carlos Perez

As a mechanical draftsman he is calm and controlled, but when he paints, George Rodez unleashes his creativity and soul in a palette of vibrant colors that evokes long-forgotten episodes of his life. His roots.

Art America Magazine, 1997

by: Jaime Cabrera Gonzalez

When one enters the work of George Rodez in dissection and delves into matter and concept, elements begin to appear that not only give him a distinctive and recognizable personal stamp, but also lead us to discover the true intentions of this artist. Because once Rodez’s work is accessed, nothing is what it appears to be either. It is as if one were in front of a mirage that contains all the components of reality, but that disappoint us when we try to make use of them. And that’s where the irony lies. Through his artwork, Rodez uses the current state of affairs in Cuba and his cosmovision of the illusory.

XS Magazine (Gallery Section), 1996

Rodez’s passion for art is perhaps only matched by his political conviction to fight for human rights and freedom of expression. Rodez has put together a body of work, where the viewer is led to believe that the images before them are normal, thus, creating the illusion that things are not what they seem.

La Revista del Diario

by: Jesus Hernandez-Henriquez

The color and imagination of George Rodez makes us meditate.

Wire Weekly

George Rodez’s mission is to color the world with an explosive emotion of color, energy, movement and above all, love.

Arts New View Magazine, 1996

by: Carolyn J. Bennett, Art Critic

George’s energy is like his paintings, it flows in a very harmonious way.